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Dicember, 15th 2008 - 17.15
Some weeks ago, my domain has been hacked by someone. So it has been reseted by the administrators, and i lost everything. Of course, i had a backup on my notebook, but what about the scripts? I lost them all, of course. This meant i've needed to install one more time all the codes... The most boring has been the Enthusiastic, 3.1.5 version. I had many problems with the install.php file. Now, it seems to work :D

About Enthusiastic: finally i can manage my fanlisting with a clik only! ^^ Anyway, Passionate still be under maintenance until the next update. I need to convert all pages from html to php, and i'm too busy with my other activities during this period :( so please, stay tuned...!

However, i also update the Rei & Kira Fanlisting: now it has a new layout, but it's just a beta-testing-version. I was going to lose this fanlisting which i'm totally falling in love with. So i needed an emergency update, that's all. I wish to make another (better) layout as soon as possible...

Those days i joined some new fanlistings. So please, if you are visiting my Passionate collective and you're not able to find the buttons of your fanlisting, don't worry: i'll update as soon as possible! ^^

For any question and similiar, please don't exitate to contact me.

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